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Tuesday, December 20, 2022

What are the symptoms of iron deficiency?

 What are the symptoms of iron deficiency?

Iron is one of the most essential minerals in our body. Raw material for making red blood cells. Without it, red blood cells cannot be formed. So one of the main causes of anemia is iron deficiency. But iron doesn't just make blood cells, everything from energy production in the body to nerve conduction in the brain depends on the presence of adequate iron. Therefore, if there is a deficiency of iron in the body, many problems can arise.

Anemia is the last stage of iron deficiency. Find out what other symptoms can occur in case of iron deficiency -

1. physical weakness

2. Headache/dizziness.

3. Loss of attention.

4. Memory deficit.

5. muscle pain

6. Pain in the joints.

7. hair loss

8. Palpitations or heaviness in the chest.

9. shortness of breath

10. obesity

11. Restless leg syndrome i.e. tingling sensation in legs/hands, chewing in legs, dull pain in legs may be felt. Apart from this, due to lack of iron, there may be something stuck in the throat, bent nails, difficulty in swallowing food, addiction to non-food, etc.

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