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Saturday, January 15, 2022

The virtual world will fix the fashion trend |

Barely starting 2022. However, the start was not promising. The western countries are in a dilemma due to the push of Amicron. Infection is on the rise in Europe and America. Asia is also in Qatar. The world is once again in turmoil. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

fashion trend
fashion trend

The corona infection has created an economic crisis in the fashion industry in the last two years. Market experts are not optimistic that the situation will improve this year. Rather, their advice is to think ten times before investing. Discretion must be exercised in making decisions. And before spending money and making new investments, you have to do the right thing.

Whether it is luxury goods in international fashion or in Attapur, its market depends a lot on the tourism industry. The ebb and flow of tourism in the last two years has not been overcome. In addition, Amicron has put new claws. Experts believe that it will not be possible to turn the industry around completely before 2023-24. Therefore, it is unlikely to get a promising response from this market. As a result, new strategies will have to be devised to address the deficit. For this, it would be logical to try to reach the client more, giving priority to their needs.

The last two years have been dominated by fashion loungewear and thaler (usually exercise and other attire social wear clothing). He has been under house arrest for a long time. However, even when going out, everyone is leaning towards comfortable clothes. Attapur dress has become official. There may have been some dimensions added. But this time, of course, despite the push of Amicron, fashion lovers will think anew. You will definitely want to make some changes in your outfit. At least that's what the experts think. At the same time, it is possible to provide the kind of clothing that buyers are expecting to match with the new lifestyle.

Metaverse in fashion (users of a virtual world where they interact with others in the computer world) is now a new phenomenon. As a result, Metaverse has emerged as a new catalyst for the reliance on the online and virtual worlds created during the Corona period. Consumers, especially young ones, are immersed in the virtual world. They also look for the products they need. Sohaga will be the metaverse for them here. To capture this young consumer segment, we need to invest in new innovations in the virtual world. Where gaming, fashion, etc are also playing a special role.

Besides, shopping is now more digital than physical. As a result, brands have to be prepared by considering social shopping seriously.

 Corona has also pointed the finger at the environment. As a result, sustainable fashion, recycling, etc. will be ahead. At the same time, buyers now want to know the details of the product. As a result, the brands have to be informed. Must give correct information.

The world of fashion has changed a lot in a short time. Rather than the international trend, Revenge Fashion (without following any trend, not being inspired by anything, dressing according to one's own tastes, preferences, and comfort) has come to the person with special importance. And this Revenge fashion is greatly influenced by the person's social media and virtual social gatherings. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals in Bangladesh. Now, in order to boost the country's fashion market, boutiques and brands will have to take to the field with professionalism and 'shield-sword' in all social shopping events, understanding the demands of individuals.

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