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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Pori Moni: Parimani is going to be a mother, do not keep the paternity of the child secret

Pari moni gave good news in the new year. The mother is the heroine, the future father's name is Shariful Raj.

Pori Mon

Drug controversy, intimate video leaks with police chiefs-all now past. The most talked about and most controversial heroine of Dhaliwood, Parimani, shared great good news in the new year. The actress is going to be a mother. No, the story is not true news. Not on the movie screen, this time in reality the pregnant girl. The heroine told this news to the media in her own words.

The news spread like wildfire on Monday afternoon. The Bengali film world beyond Tolpara. Pori moni told a Bangladeshi media, ‘I am going to be a mother. Alhamdulillah I am fine. When the doctor confirmed today, I thought I was the strongest woman in the world. My wings have grown. I’m flying. ’But the news of suddenly becoming a mother, when did the bride and love get married? The heroine has unveiled all the mysteries.

Thus he is brave and independent. However, he did not keep the identity of the child's father secret. Pori moni said that she secretly got married to actor Shariful Raj on the set of October. Raj posted a picture on Facebook after four in the afternoon. The caption reads, ‘Congratulations Raj. Thank you, sweetheart. 'The actor used fun and love emoji at the end of the caption. Pori moni also posted the same picture on her Facebook wall.

Pori moni-Raj have acted together in Gias Uddin Selim's movie 'Gunin'. In the shooting set of that film, Parimani gave the news of love and marriage and becoming a mother at the beginning of the new year. "Raj has been caring for me twice since I heard about becoming a mother," she said. I will stay away from shooting for now. I will return to work as soon as the child is born.

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