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Sunday, January 23, 2022

Five Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship with a Friend Away



Due to the epidemic, the long distance relations are going through a difficult time. Not seeing for a long time, not touching the hand, sitting at a breathing distance, the story may not be gathering for hours. One day in life it was hard not to see a friend, maybe not for two years. The same goes for lovers. A lot of the time the loved one starts to be hidden from the mind behind the eyes. However, there are ways to reduce the distance.

Here are five key pointers in moving forward

1. Loving gift: You know a lot about your friend or loved one. Many hobbies may not be fulfilled yet. Maybe he had a hobby of a brand watch or a small iPod listening to music. One afternoon he sat on the bank of the river and told you about his wish. Try digging into your heart and remembering that. Send the gift to your friend or boyfriend. The notes may have left two lines in the afternoon. There are ways to not be fascinated! Tears may well up in my eyes when I receive the gift.

2. Share the fun time: Scrolling Facebook, a funny meme or joke caught my eye. WhatsApp a friend. A lot of times you read a funny incident, maybe it matched with your partner, send it quickly. The two of them will be able to do mischief on the subject for some time. Sending GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) can also be naughty. And this naughtiness means, you didn't forget him at a funny time even from afar.

3. Organize a Virtual Party: What's in it for you! New Year, birthday, weekend or one day a month without any reason you can organize a virtual party with a friend. Set the menu for popcorn, juice, cake, fun food. You can also dress up the theme at the virtual party. After that, the two of them can go ahead and talk. In 2021, such a zoom party has been seen all over the world.

4. Online games together: You can have a good time with your friends by playing online games. The two of them discuss and decide what to play. Maybe it's a video game like Ludu, Chess or Scrabble. Through these games, you will feel like sitting next to me and cutting comments. Because, Ludu has a live emoji of being cut or injured after cutting a piece or hitting a six. If you want, you can also do instant SMS on Ludu screen.

5. Plan a trip: You can also take a chance to meet a friend after a long day. Many countries are issuing visas even during the epidemic. The couple can plan and go to a city of their choice. It will be a story as seen after many days. But before you go on a trip, you must know the rules. Book a room to see if you can meet the additional demands that have been added during the corona.

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